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Set up.

Hi Don and Margaret,

Here’s a few tips.


Take the rubber case off.

Where my thumb is, there is a hole. Get the pin from the box (I’ve put it on the charger plug)

Put the pin in the hole and press.

Your sim card tray will pop out. Lay it down the way it came out so you know it goes in that way up.

The tray has one corner cut off, so the sim card can only fit one way.

Put your old sim in and replace it. If it says something like “no sim card detected” that probably means the card is dead and you need a new one. If not, credit it and you’re good to go.

Next you want to start setting up your ‘phone.


With the power on, and screen unlocked (button on the side in the middle, then swipe the screen up) put your finger on the bottom of the screen and drag it up.

Somewhere on the page will be a cog looking icon which is settings. If not, swipe to the side until you see it.

Tap it and you get a menu. Tap Connections.

It will show you some toggle switches.

Slide the wifi one off (to the left)

Then back to the right and it will look for wifi connections. The top one should be yours. Here is the one from our house (don’t use it)

Tap on the top one, if it’s yours, It will try to connect. It should ask you for a password

Which you can find on the back of your router.

Be very careful to enter the correct upper and lower case letters. There is an up arrow on the keyboard to get an upper case letter. Press that then the letter. If it stays in upper case press it again.

Enter it and it should say you are connected.


Go into the Gmail envelope and enter your email address. Then password. It will ask for verification. Ask it to send it to a device you are already signed into (your computer). When you get the email, open it and click “this is me” or whatever. Then you are signed in.

Then swipe up again and look for Playstore (a sideways pointing triangle)

Tap on that and possibly sign in again.

In the search bar at the top type in Duolingo

Tap on the green one at the top. Then install, open, and select your language (Klingon. Or Spanish. Up to you.) And you’re in.

Another one from the playstore is Whatsapp. Then we can send you videos and you can get in on Wendy’s church stuff.


That’s just a matter of plugging that cable I gave you into the side of the computer (in the right sized slot, obviously) and in the back of the telly. The only trick is going through the sources on your telly remote to find the computer.

The other thing is to plug that stick in the side of the computer, in a different type of hole, an left click on the file you want. Season 1, episode 1, and you’re away.

Right. That’s enough to be going on with. Tell me when you’ve settled and given everything a go if anything goes wrong.



Sub 3 April.

Week 1:

I’ve been off this week as Don and Margaret are staying with us. It got me confused so I did the actual plan days (Saturday/ Sunday) instead of doing them on Sunday/ Monday. I only realised today (Sunday) so I’ve accidentally missed a day’s training. Not sure how, but that’s 7 fail days on this cycle, now.

By the end of last week my knees were hurting pretty badly so I’ve gone into taper this week. I wanted to test and set my Half time but it’ s been blowing a gale. Yesterday the plan said 8-10K race. I set off for a fast 10K, and even though it was quite windy I was battering it, so I carried on for a Half.

Absolutely smashed it! 1.29:09! Battered the sub 1.30 with 50 seconds to spare! Happy bunny. That’s sub 3 pace for half the distance now. It didn’t feel too awful. It wasn’t like a 5K race, where you are dying and hanging on by your fingernails, it was managed and just hard. I think a lot of it is down to calories. I’ve been gorging the whole week. Definitely taking that onboard for race prep.

Today the plan was long fast run. 16 miles at mara pace +10- 20%. After yesterday’s heroics I was happy to scrape the bare minimum 8.12m/m, but I did it at 7.53. That will do Donkey, that will do.

Oh, and missing a day has put me in sych with the plan so I can taper exactly for Blackpool in 2 weeks.


This is another boring running blog, but really that’s about all I’m doing.

I’m still looking for the Goldilocks super trainer. I got told, and the reviews agreed, that the Adidas one was the way to go. Cheapest of the super trainers, wide fit, and a genuine rival for the all conquering Nike. I got a pair.

Weird things. But the reviewers, and people on twitter, said they felt odd until you gave it beans then suddenly they all came together. Only one way to find out.

I don’t know if it’s because I set off too fast, was too ambitious with my pace, or if I didn’t have the fitness to maintain the pace for the distance, but the trainers just didn’t feel ‘super’. They just felt like normal trainers. I’m hoping it was just me, and that I can adjust. By the end of the 20 miles I was done in. My pace had dropped until it was all I could do to keep it near 8m/m, and if I’d have had another 6 miles (which is what the training is all about) I reckon I’d have been walking.

I finished 20 miles at 7.30 m/m, so a new 20 mile PB, but very discouraging.

Then the weirdest thing. I had one day, which went to two, then three, where I lost my dieting mojo and kept shoving sweet stuff down my neck. Work called me just as I was getting up to go running on Wednesday with a shift starting an hour or so later. They shut the motorway so it turned into an 11 hour 45 minute shift, back in work 9 hours later, so no run that day. Fail. Then on Thursday I was tired and a bit weak, and on my gluttony binge, so I just got in from work and inhaled all the calories. Another run fail day.

This morning I was off, supposed to be a run rest day, but I thought I’d better claw one run back from my fail list.

I got up and was cleaning my teeth, when I suddenly thought “Should I just sack this sub 3 off?”

It was totally unexpected, the first time I’ve even thought it since taking on the challenge.

For a second it was really tempting. Take it easy, don’t kill myself training, trough all the calories.

Then I started to panic. That is a really dangerous state for me. I get wild enthusiasms, pursue them single-mindedly until I lose interest, then I don’t want anything to do with them.

I threw on my running kit and went for a run.

The plan said to do 8 miles with 5x 600m at 5K pace. I took that to mean ‘do 8 miles and include a 5K race’ (because I’ve been wondering how my fitness is for a while, and I wanted to test it on a 5K/ 3.1 mile race).

The benchmark time is sub 20 minutes. When I was fit and practicing for that distance, I managed to get a PB of 20.35 (and a mile PB of 6.25 along the way).

I used my Saucony trainers as they make you spin your legs up. It was really, really hard work, but check it out!

I was going for it

I’ve finally hit a benchmark! Sub 20! That’s the boost my training needed. My mojo is firing on all cylinders again. And I smashed my mile PB on the way with a 6 m/m. Bit gutted about that. One more second and I’d have had a sub 6 mile.

Back to the diet and training. Got to smash sub 3. The diet is more or less done. Or was before 3 days pigging out. I was 10 stone 2 last week. I was miraculously only 10.3 this morning so I hope I can get it back.

Apart from the running and dieting (same thing, really) all I’ve been up to is getting some tomato seeds going for me and Lisa, and decorating. Endless, tedious, decorating. It will be nice when we are finished. In the same way banging your head off a wall is great when you stop. It’s not before time, everything was looking shabby.

Our new daffs put on a biddy but impressive show.

Right, a bit of twitter and I’m done.

The Great Hypocrisy continued.

It was St Patrick’s Day

Shocking truths

My running App gave me another inspirational message

And general whimsy

(That is about not appreciating the mundane now, in pursuit of an idealised future, not, as Wendy and Lisa seem to think, about someone dying.)

That, I think, is profound.





This plan is brutal but effective.

Mainly brutal. But effective.

It said today I had to go for a “tune up 8-15K race”, which I took to mean a flat out 10 mile race. That’s a big ask after battering my legs 2 days ago getting that sub 20 minutes 5K. Especially as that was has always been my go-to race distance to test my fitness. I had some pretty impressive times to beat. (For me, that is.)

I went with my Saucony trainers again.

Finally! After 3 years I’ve smashed my previous PB (and a 10K PB on the way). And, moreover, I held a sub 3 pace for 10 miles! That is progress! When I started this plan I was struggling to envisage ever holding that pace for more than a mile. It’s 4 weeks today until my tester marathon, then another 25 weeks of training before my actual sub 3 attempt. I am really hopeful now. Yay!