Irony is not O’Sullivans autobiography

Another quick one. After swopping my shifts (and escaping the freezer, huzzah!) and effectively working two weeks 2-10, I finally got to go to Taekwondo on Sunday. There we were all practising what we needed to pass our gradings. This should have given me a clue, as on the website it said the grading was the week before, when I’d had to work due to the (bloody) great escape.

After putting me through my paces Sah bum nim said can you make it for the grading on the 29th? I was dead chuffed as I thought I’d missed it, said "oh yes", thought for a minute, then realised, that was the only day they could get me in for a (hopefully) final four hours training before my truck driving test.


She said "it’s all right, we aren’t leaving ’till 12.30".

My lesson is 12-4pm!

Bleeding typical.

I said that I had my HGV driving test that day (got it slightly confused off the top of my head), so Sah bum nim said "you’ll have to see if you can cancel it." (!)

Two thousand pounds, near enough, a month or so wait for a re-test, and I should reschedule it so I can take a grading!

OK, I would really like to take it (time is not on my side when it comes to succeeding at physically demanding tests) and I have to admire her single-mindedness, but real world I can’t not take this test!

On the subject of driving licenses, today is the big day! My license is now clean, my endorsements have run out. I could send away for a new clean license, but it would cost £17.50, so I might as well wait until I pass my test and get it taken off when I get my new entitlement put on. I think it’s free, if not it saves paying for it twice. It’s not like I’m desperate for another job anymore. I plan on staying where I am until I’ve passed this test, the artic one, and seen a secure driving job. In the current economic climate I’m clinging to my job.

Also on driving, I’ve put the Micra through it’s MOT, cost worst part of £400 to get everything sorted, MOT’ed and re-tested. Still, that should be that. And now I’ve stopped trying to slide it I shouldn’t crash it, thus should not need to cough up next time.

I was cursing the crap-heap before I put it into the garage, then had to ride the six (ish) miles to work, then back, on a push-bike that’s stuck in top gear. My arse was killing, and the small of my back was that bad that I had to get up and stretch off after four hours sleep! I picked it up, and was stroking it saying "I love my Micra, I love my Micra."

In work I have a problem. The boss has his two sons working on the department (Sugar Ray, and Stallone! I guess the dad was into boxing! "He’ll grow up to be a fighter with a name like that."  – I’m guessing was the thinking-See ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

Anywho, the lads are twins and like peas in a pod. I have real issues remembering peoples names, and putting two indistinguishable lads on the same shift as me is tantamount to mental cruelty.

Luke moved out again yesterday, gone back to his bint’s. So I came in from 6-2, absolutely knackered as it was my first shift so I couldn’t sleep the night before, took the car to the garage for it’s retest (didn’t even check it over, rolled it onto the ramps shone a torch under for effect, that’ll be £20, please. Bastards!) then had to come home and run Luke and all his crap to his chicks (who wasn’t in, knowing we were coming was around her mates, and hadn’t given Luke a key). Then I get in today and Wendy says Luke had been on the ‘phone saying it was all over between them and he was coming back, (so I was supposed to go and pick him and his crap up again) but happily they decided to give it another go an hour later, so by the time I got home Bucky’s removal service had been cancelled.

Better get off, was only supposed to be saying about my grading, but it’s all come pouring out. I have to be up for work in under six hours.



Free at last, free at last…

Huzzah! I am free from the freezer! I have been permanently transferred to de-kit.

There are, as always caveats and addendums. Every silver lining has a cloud, but I’m free from the freezer, my worst ever civvy job! Deep and sincere joy.

The pea (s) under the twenty one mattresses, are that I was on 2-10, went in yesterday and the manager said I was supposed to be on 6-2 this week (so I had to double back -finish at 10pm, back in for 6am-) which has left me a tad tired. I’ll be off to bed as soon as I post this. Also he told me “and it was your day off yesterday” (which, inevitably, I’d just worked). This means I’m not off this weekend as I was on the freezer rota and have to work through to next Friday before I get a day off.

Which has the knock-on effect that I won’t be able to take my TKD grading on Sunday, and that’s that for another three months.

Ho hum. Niggly irritations.

Still, I’m in an OK job, that I can do, without threat of disciplinary action leading to being sacked, and I’M OUT OF THE FREEZER!

Oh, and it was my sinus’s. No longer done in with that.

Happy Bucky!

Just is

Hi again. Things are moving at break-neck speed. I said I was working in another department (De-kit) for a few days last week, and that I suspected the manager was sounding me out about a possible transfer over there. Well, I had one day back in the freezer (and remembered just how much I hate it), then half way through my shift yesterday the freezer manager told me he’d received an email from the de-kit manager, asking if I would like to transfer over there permanently!

I immediately said "YES!"

This prompted my manager to ask if I’d already been approached over it, as normally people would ask what their shifts were and such-like. I said it was the first I’d heard of it, but whatever the shifts "it’s better than this. Death’s better than this."

He didn’t have any details, but he had already sent a return email asking for them, assuming I’d want to know before deciding. I’ve been off today, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have all the details. The only ones that really concern me are how soon I can start, and at what time.

There are a few things I’ll need to sort out, that I’m still on 2-10 (or day off) on the day I take my driving test (again) in the morning, and if at all possible that I’m still off this Sunday.

Sah bum nim hasn’t contacted me, and I am working every club night this week so I’ll not see her, but I think it’s the Taekwondo grading this Sunday. I feel a bit cheeky asking to take it after letting the club down by not competing last Sunday. I’ll leave it until Friday, if she’s not contacted me, I suppose I should send an email. If she is going to be petty she can always ignore it until it’s too late. I might not even be off, if it’s an immediate start in de-kit, with a different rota.

Also hanging on any potential new rota are repairs to the Micra. I thought it was going to fail it’s MOT, so have been refraining from spending any money on it until I knew how much it would cost to set right. I put it through today, and really the main damage is a ton of welding on the front cross member. There were big lumps of rust flaking away in my hand when I got round to changing the bumper, that’s when I thought it would fail.

Anyway, a brake pads, welding, a tyre and two new gaiters, and two bulbs. They quoted me £200 for the lot. They didn’t pick up on a knocking sound at full lock on the steering, but when I questioned them they said it was probably the CV joints (the things the gaiters would have been protecting if they weren’t split). Possibly another £90, with labour.

It looks like I’m stuck with the mighty Micra for another year. I’m not going to get a reliable car for £290.

To tie in the de-kit and the car (and the money-pit that is Taekwondo) when I do get transferred, I can start hammering the overtime. Perhaps do 10-10 on my 2-10 week (when I won’t be able to go to Taekwondo anyway) and work my days off in the week on 6-2. Wait and see. At least it is an option again.

The other main thing on my mind is this bloody cold I’ve had for coming on a fortnight now. I keep thinking I’m over it, and it keeps coming back and kicking seven bells out of me. I woke up this morning (said I woke up this morning, and I heard a disturbing sound. Sorry, Blues Brothers digression) with it heavy on my chest, and hour later I was good enough to do my hour’s TKD work out, then by five this afternoon I was back on the Lemsip, I’ve just taken some more paracetamol, and my head is killing. (Though I’m beginning to wonder, belatedly, if it’s not my sinus’s blocked up). 

Poorly Bucky.